What is it?

The surgery that has been performed for more than 2300 years before Christ was already performed this surgery, placing a horsehair and throttling the amygdala until the complete ablation was performed, the advances have been in centuries really, with the advent of the Crowe-Davis appetizers and the use of guillotines, as well as handles such as the Tyding Handle, in addition to the recent use of monopolar electrocautery (electrodisection), the harmonic scalpel and radiofrequency

With the advent of antibiotics and after the criticisms made to its indiscriminate realization, at the present time it is practiced much less frequently than a few years ago (half as it was 40 years ago), but it is still the Surgical intervention that is performed more frequently in children and in the ENT specialty. In the decade 1960-1970 in the USA between one and two million tons of tonsillectomies, adenoidectomies and adenotonsillectomies were practiced annually, while at the present time about 400,000 / year can be performed, calculating that in the last 20 years there has been a decrease in the 80% in the number of cases operated, operating half today than 40 years ago.

At the present time, children's tonsillectomy is within reasonable practice limits, with more or less precise indications, the rate of serious complications being negligible thanks to the safety measures under which it is performed.

The indications for adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy must be differentiated. The appearance of simultaneous involvement of adenoids and tonsils is rare and the number of reasonable indications for adenoidectomy is greater than for tonsillectomy.

Myths about tonsillectomy
"It is too small to have an operation": There is no minimum age to perform this procedure, although it is most common to do it after 2 years of life.
"Tonsils can grow back": Tonsils do not grow back. There are sometimes confusions with the adenoids, which can grow back exceptionally after surgery in children under 3 years of age.
"If the tonsils are removed, the defenses are lowered": At first the person may be more prone to get sick but the defenses remain in the same proportion and therefore the person develops his or her life normally.
"is going to be sterile": surgery has no relationship with the fertility of patients.
"she was made a child's voice": effectively changes the resonance of the voice, and it is not that it becomes the voice of a girl it is that it recovers the sweet voice of the boys or girls, and has absolutely nothing to do with the sexual orientation of patients