Aesthetic and functional nose surgery

What is it?

NASAL SURGERY, is performed from ancient Egypt, hundreds of years ago, and in Mexico there is a registry of corrective and reconstructive nasal surgeries also for hundreds of years, currently the AESTHETIC RINOPLASTY is one of the most practiced surgeries in the world , for men and women, with the advent of the formal training of OTORRINOLARINGOLOGOS in NASAL AESTHETIC SURGERY over the past 20 years, OTORRINOLARINGOLOGOS offer the possibility of performing a functional surgery, and at the same time an AESTHETIC SURGERY, we also we perform the ENDOSCOPIC CORRECTION OF SINUSITIS (FESS) and CORNETES (TURBINOPLASTÍA) in the same surgical act without this increasing the costs of surgery for the patient since the same surgeon performs the entire procedure.

And with satisfactory results for the patient since I have more than 20 years of experience performing these procedures.