Diagnosis and management of snoring

What is it?

Snoring is a public health problem since it has been published that 50% of the world population, RONCA, of these millions of people, 40% is due to a problem related to the obstruction of the nose, so in addition to lose weight, and make the famous measures of sleep hygiene, must also be assessed by an OTORRINOLARINGOLOGIST, which must assess its nasal function, as well as, the characteristics of the palate, the throat and the entire aereodigestive crossroads since the cause of snoring is precisely the obstruction of the nose, the breathing with the mouth and the vibration of the soft tissues of the throat as the soft palate and the tongue then we through a valuation with a flexible endoscope can diagnose precisely these problems and above all to remedy them.

Avoid being run out of your home or your ribs still hurting from your partner's elbow during the night, as well as the multiple complaints about your snoring, come with me and let me help you solve your problem.