Management of problems related to hearing and balance

What is it?

The OTORRINOLARINGOLOGO is the specialist that par excellence is responsible for the problems of hearing and balance, who are in intimate relationship, there are innumerable causes that can cause deafness, and all can be diagnosed by the OTORRINOLARINGOLOGIST, to mention just a few: PLUG CERUMEN, HYPOACUSIA SÚBITA (URGENT OTORRINOLARIGOLOGICA), CONGENITA DEAF, MALFORMATIONS OF THE EAR, AGE, ACOUSTIC TRAUMA, OTHOSCLEROSIS, PERFORATION OF THE INFECTIOUS OR TRAUMATIC TIMPANIC MEMBRANE, ETC. And with the vertigo we are not left behind the diseases that can give vertigo are innumerable, the OTORRINOLARINGOLOGIST has the training to identify most of the causes, and if necessary channel for the rehabilitation and healing of the problem or even the same perform procedures and treatments for his healing, one of the main things that the patient must identify is that the VERTIGO is a hallucination of movement so it becomes a symptom, making it a mistake to handle it as a disease. Among the diseases that can cause vertigo are: VERTEBROBASILAR INSUFFICIENCY, MENIER'S DISEASE, MENIER'S SYNDROME, BENIGNO PARÓXISTIC POSTURAL VERTIGO, POST-TRAUMATIC VERTIGO, METABOLIC VETERIN, ETC.

 That is why the specialist par excellence that must first address these problems is the OTORRINOLARINGOLOGIST.