Conventional, microsurgery and laser Laryngeal surgery

What is it?

The problems that occur with DYSPHONY (RONQUERA) are multiple, since the larynx is a complex organ, it is described as an organ with a cartilagomembranous structure, that inside it has muscles, and joints, being handled by two main nerve branches of the nerve vague, being also an organ of protection for the airway, but its particularity for what is more identified is the possibility of emitting the voice, the main means of communication in the human race, being also the home of CANCER, and of some other diseases that produce DISFONIA (RONQUERA), some of these problems, have a solution with a surgical procedure, however whoever performs these procedures must have a specific training since it is done by microsurgery, sometimes with lasers and in others with conventional techniques, Depending on the objective of the surgery, in some cases a biopsy will be sought to identify r the origin of the problem and already with the definitive diagnosis perform the complete resection then if the vaporization by laser would be the procedure to follow.